The World of Compliance is Being Disrupted

What’s Inside?

  • An intro to collaborative compliance
  • The 19 must-know practices for IT security
  • 33 pages of knowledge
  • A peek into the InFront collaborative platform
The World of Compliance is Being Disrupted

Collaborative Compliance Accelerates Innovation

Vendor partnerships are the lifeline to innovation for enterprise. Whether it’s bringing in fresh, third-party technology that will provide a strategic competitive advantage, or outsourcing routine tasks so that talent can focus on key objectives—vendor partnerships are crucial.

But today’s complex compliance environment is getting in the way. New regulations with expanded scope, like the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the Payment Services Directive II (PSDII) for Financial Institutions, are increasingly requiring that companies not only comply directly but also ensure that their vendors also comply.

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