Transforming Compliance With Collaborative Software

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Measurable Compliance & Risk

Expect a qualitative reduction in risk and up to a 10-15% increase in productivity across all functions that have compliance touchpoints including IT, Procurement, and Finance. You’ll also decrease time to close vendor contracts up to 33% without sacrificing compliance.

Compliance You Can Understand

We translate compliance requirements into plain language Q&A that all stakeholders can understand. Provide an easy to understand the process to your vendors.

Customizable For Your Needs

Our platform is flexible and can accommodate your particular compliance requirements, both regulatory and operational. For example Code of Conduct or Health & Safety.

Integrated Delegation & Collaboration Tools

Ensure the right stakeholders are providing the right information to enable unprecedented compliance sight lines and transparency.

Instant Digital Reporting

Easy to read reporting that companies can use to manage their internal and third party compliance. At a glance and detailed views with audit trail.

Trust by Design

We're putting our money where our mouth is. Our system was built with privacy and security considerations built into every layer.

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Move beyond checklists and spreadsheets

Take the Complexity Out of Compliance

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