Compliance tools built to reduce risk in our Nation’s supply chain.

InFront is an online assessment and reporting platform focused on serving organizations in highly regulated industries like the United States military. Our easy-to-use-platform alleviates the burden of regulatory and operation compliance risk.

This includes:

  • an updated library of compliance assessments, written in plain language, making it easy for military personnel to gather relevant and comprehensive responses from contractors and other personnel
  • robust and visually appealing digital reporting tools that produce at-a-glance overviews and detailed audit trails
  • comparison capabilities to conduct side-by-side evaluations of compliance exposure for a savvy and accelerated decision-making process
  • dynamic workflows for seamless delegation and collaboration across multiple stakeholders
  • timely notifications that ensure organizations are continually apprised of the latest regulations and are reminded to rectify, as needed

Our Nation's Supply Chain uses InFront to reduce risk and simplify compliance.

We reduce risk by:

  • enabling military contractors to quickly identify and remove requirements gaps
  • providing military personnel with updated assessments as requirements evolve
  • including monitoring tools for risk remediation and ongoing compliance

We simplify compliance by:

  • creating, maintaining, and updating assessment requirements
  • providing an easy-to-use interface that all users feel comfortable with
  • including comparison functionality to quickly evaluate responses
  • integrating collaboration tools for more efficient communication

For Military Personnel:

Are you confident that your current compliance processes provides you with the information you need to qualify trusted contractors? CMMC is rolling out with new standards for your contractors, but that is just the first step in the compliance process for engaging your contractors. Advanced qualification standards, ongoing monitoring, and audit are necessary to support these standards and to ensure that your unit is protecting its critical data and IP.

Founded by seasoned technology lawyers with a deep understanding of the fast-evolving regulatory landscape, InFront offers a secure digital solution built on extensive expertise and an intuitive interface that is accessible across all of your stakeholders.
Our library hosts assessments for:

We are also able to host custom requirements such as FISMA and FedRAMP. We are currently building NIST 800-53.

Vetted by AFWERX:

InFront was awarded a contract with the Department of Defense through the AFWERX SBIR program. We have been pre-qualified to do business within the military and have worked directly with AFWERX to identify users within the Air Force and beyond to fulfill a critical stated need-- the application of machine learning to the area of supply chain protection and assessment. This is just the first step, however, and we are looking for partners to explore how our solution can be further adapted and customized to help protect our nation's supply chain.

If you are a part of the military, our solution reduces the person hours required to manage contractor compliance, drives continuity and consistence in developing and applying compliance standards, and brings down supply chain costs.
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