Melissa Koch, InFront CEO, speaks on the heightened emphasis of cybersecurity compliance during COVID-19 on the newest addition of the Compliance Podcast Network: Compliance and Coronavirus. Tom Fox, founder of the Compliance Podcast Network and author and speaker on issues related to compliance and ethics, started the podcast to help bring clarity and sanity to the field of compliance during this worldwide healthcare crisis.

“We are seeing a lot of inquiries around cybersecurity,” said Melissa Koch on the podcast when asked what key questions are being asked from InFront’s client base at this time. “As you can imagine, work looks a lot different for many people than it did just eight weeks ago now, so cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance are top of mind for almost every organization that we speak to, especially since there have been a lot of changes in how to effectuate compliance.”

To learn more about how to facilitate cybersecurity compliance during the new normal of COVID-19 and moving forward in the future tune into the podcast here.