InFront Compliance Platform Soft Launching At Collision – A Full Circle Moment

May 19,2019

By : Alia Luria

Monday morning, we’ll fly to Toronto for the 2019 Collision conference – the same day we’re soft launching the InFront Compliance platform.  We’re so excited to show people our system, attend inspirational sessions, and network with others who want to solve some of the world’s problems with innovation and tech.  We can’t wait! 

This is a full circle moment for us.  In many ways, InFront Compliance was born at Collision.  2017 Collision.  May.  New Orleans.  Co-founders Melissa Koch and Alia Luria were in attendance and, inspired by the innovation around them, saw an opportunity to use technology to move the needle on compliance.  Both co-founders have a legal background and were in the trenches with their clients trying to get deals done but compliance requirements were getting in the way.  There was no consistency among compliance requirements, no confidence that the spreadsheets and checklists being used were sufficient or up to date, and no good way of right-sizing compliance based on the business arrangement at hand.  This was slowing the contracting process WAY down and creating a tremendous amount of fatigue, stress, cost and risk.  That’s when our co-founders thought to themselves, ‘there is different way to do compliance that will help companies close contracts faster without sacrificing compliance.’  And, from that, InFront Compliance was born.  

Fast forward to 2018 and InFront Compliance spent the summer in Tel Aviv with Techstars powered by Barclays accelerating the development of the platform.  And here we are in the spring of 2019 on the weekend before we launch.  It has been a fantastic journey so far and there is so much more to come.  We are so grateful to all of our supporters.  We look forward to making you proud.

If you’ll be at Collision, come see us on Wednesday at booth A441!