Our CEO, Melissa Koch, recently had the opportunity to chat with “The Compliance Evangelist” and founder of the Compliance Podcast Network, Tom Fox, for his podcast Innovation in Compliance. In the podcast, Melissa discusses her career trajectory to date, as well as InFront’s unique approach to collaboration across the compliance ecosystem, and the role of data in facilitating effective vendor risk management.

Melissa also touches on how businesses that wish to be more resilient can adopt a dynamic and practical approach to policy development, noting: “For those organizations that are adaptable and fluid in their ability to navigate change, are policies that live and breathe with the organization. So they are created specifically for that organization and how that organization does business. But they also have built into the policy regular review periods… It makes sure that everything is accurate and reflective of how that organization does business and when it’s not, then it changes… Those policies are there to help support the organization when there’s been a stress event for the organization.” 

You can check out Tom and Melissa’s conversation here: Innovation in Compliance or on iTunes at Innovation in Compliance (iTunes)