Bringing Standardization, Scale, and Collaboration to the Compliance Process

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Fintech pioneers have disrupted staid business models to drive efficiencies and enhance customer experience. However, as this nascent sector expands, so too does the level of supervisory scrutiny. You want to focus on growing your business and continuing to innovate, without feeling constrained by the complexity of emerging regulation.

Our scalable solution helps you to identify compliance gaps internally and with your third parties so you can approach prospect meetings with confidence, and close deals sooner. InFront Compliance is here to help you seamlessly navigate the transition from technology trailblazer to regulator-ready powerhouse.

We reduce your risk by

  • Identifying your compliance blind spots (before a client does)
  • Providing updated assessments as regulations change
  • Creating an auditable record of all internal responses

We simplify the compliance process by

  • Creating, maintaining, and updating assessments for each regulatory topic
  • Providing an easy-to-use interface that all employees can use comfortably
  • Integrating collaboration tools for more efficient communication with teammates
  • Delivering consolidated response reporting for faster remediation

We help you grow by

  • Eliminating compliance gaps, which helps close deals faster
  • Protecting your bottom line from unnecessary compliance risk
  • Instilling a culture of compliance that enables you to scale with confidence
  • Fostering trust among prospective and existing clients

Current Assessment Library

Banking Assessments

Common Fintech Assessments

compliance book

CCPA. CMMC. Cybersecurity.

2020 is shaping up to be one of the most challenging from a compliance perspective. Organizations and compliance professionals will continue to see a proliferation of stakeholders involved in compliance – both internal and external third party vendors – as well as an increase in complexity in navigating both new and changing requirements.

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