Simplifying Enterprise Vendor Compliance to Reduce Risk

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No matter your industry, the burden of complying with heightened regulatory and/or internal policies can be overwhelming. The compliance process can take valuable time and resources away from your primary objectives: building a great company and scaling effectively.

Combining legal expertise with sophisticated technology, InFront helps shoulder the burden of vendor, operational, and compliance risk to help clients reduce exposure, simplify the third-party compliance process, and drive growth.

We reduce your risk by

  • Removing your compliance blind spots
  • Ensuring you share the appropriate assessments with each vendor
  • Providing updated assessments as regulations change
  • Enabling you to quickly identify compliance gaps for each vendor
  • Creating an auditable record of all vendor responses
  • Including monitoring tools for risk remediation and ongoing compliance
Reduce risk
compliance process

We simplify the compliance process by

  • Creating, maintaining, and updating vendor assessments for each regulatory topic
  • Easy-to-use interface that makes for easy adoption across all departments
  • Including comparison functionality to quickly evaluate new vendors
  • Integrating collaboration tools for more efficient communication with vendors
  • Delivering consolidated vendor response reporting for faster decision-making

We help you grow by

  • Closing vendor deals faster, while upholding compliance
  • Shielding your bottom line from unnecessary vendor risk
  • Facilitating interdepartmental collaboration and transparency
grow by

All Departments Benefit from InFront!


Compliance Teams

  • Enhanced transparency and control as to handling of internal and vendor-related compliance initiatives.
  • Ability to continually manage internal and third-party compliance, making annual or bi-annual examinations more cost-effective and efficient.
  • Automatic system updates that minimize the time required to manage evolving regulatory requirements.
  • Confidence that team is always using the most current assessments and that no monitoring is slipping through the cracks.

Procurement and Sourcing

  • Quickly compare prospective vendors’ compliance assessment results during sourcing for quicker decision-making.
  • Identify prospective vendor’s compliance gaps to choose the right vendor and close contracts sooner.
  • Monitor your vendor’s remediation progress and ongoing compliance to meet contract requirements.
  • Facilitate seamless inter-departmental communication and transparency for vendor signoff and management.

Vendor Management

  • Fewer internal resources required to distribute, receive and evaluate compliance assessments.
  • Greater confidence when it comes to procurement-related compliance tasks, as assessments generate dynamic response sets based on business cases.
  • Reduction in contract management risk.
  • Assured that team is always using the most updated assessments and that no monitoring is slipping through the cracks.


  • Greater transparency into the vendor’s compliance position as contract negotiation occurs, allowing for better tailoring of contract language.
  • Assurance that your team is always using the most updated assessments and no monitoring is slipping through the cracks.
  • Reduced redundancy in compliance representations and warranties through appended reports to the contract.
  • Increased comfort that you have audit trails in case of compliance-related litigation or regulatory review with InFront’s reporting and audit trail tools.


  • Confidence that team is always using the most up-to-date assessments and monitoring is not slipping through the cracks.
  • Internal team can use assessments to audit vendors for security and other compliance independently, and compare results to identify best practices with security requirements.
  • Reports help provide a defensible position in the case of a suit or claim regarding a client’s data security practices and third-party risk management program.


  • Quickly review compliance elements of the proposed vendor contracts to determine how third-party technology needs to be integrated.
  • Reduce time needed for IT staff to evaluate levels of data sharing.
  • Greater cross-function collaboration with InFront’s enhanced delegation tools reduces the burden on IT team to respond to all assessment questions.
  • Review and respond to assessment questions faster to allow the IT team to focus on building and maintaining technology.

Current Enterprise Assessments

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