Helping Credit Unions Streamline Their Compliance Process to Reduce Risk

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Credit unions have long been hailed for their customer-centric and accessible approach, making them the financial services institutions of choice for some 100 million Americans. Yet, faced with a dizzying array of new regulations and intensifying competition, the smaller players in particular are struggling to keep up. Where compliance officers exist, they are often forced to wear many different “hats” and oversee multiple departments.

Regardless of the specific regulation or policy, InFront Compliance is positioned to help your compliance team manage all aspects of your vendor and operational risk. That means you can spend more time doing what you do best: serving your community.

We reduce your risk by

  • Eliminating compliance blind spots by ensuring you send the appropriate assessments to each vendor
  • Ensuring that assessments are automatically updated as regulations evolve
  • Enabling you to quickly identify compliance gaps for each vendor
  • Creating an auditable record of all vendor responses
  • Incorporating monitoring tools for risk remediation and ongoing compliance
compliance process
compliance process

We simplify the compliance process by

  • Creating, maintaining, and updating vendor assessments for each regulatory issue
  • Providing a straightforward interface that all departments will feel comfortable using
  • Including side-by-side vendor comparison functionality to quickly evaluate compliance status
  • Offering collaboration tools for more efficient communication with your vendor
  • Delivering consolidated vendor response reporting for faster decision-making

We help you grow by

  • Accelerating vendor deals without compromising on compliance
  • Shielding your bottom line from unnecessary vendor risk
  • Streamlining operations and enhancing productivity
  • Enhancing interdepartmental collaboration and transparency
grow by

All Departments Benefit from InFront!


Compliance Teams

  • Enhanced oversight of how compliance initiatives are being handled by internal team members and vendors alike.
  • Ability to continually manage internal and third-party compliance, making annual or bi-annual examinations less costly and onerous.
  • Automatic system updates that enable you to minimize time spent managing compliance changes.
  • Confidence that team is always using the most current assessments and that no monitoring is slipping through the cracks.

Procurement and Sourcing

  • Quickly compare prospective vendors’ compliance assessment results during sourcing for quicker decision-making.
  • Identify your prospective vendor’s compliance gaps quickly to accelerate remediation and close contracts sooner.
  • Monitor your vendor’s remediation progress to ensure compliance with the contract terms.
  • Facilitate seamless inter-departmental communication and transparency during handoff to the relevant stackeholders.

Vendor Management

  • Fewer personnel hours required to distribute and track compliance assessments and receive/evaluate results.
  • Greater certainty when it comes to compliance tasks associated with procurement, as assessments generate dynamic response sets based on business cases.
  • Reduction in contract management risk.
  • Confidence that team is always using the most updated assessments and that no monitoring is slipping through the cracks.


  • Greater transparency into the vendor’s compliance position as contract negotiation occurs, allowing for better tailoring of contract language.
  • Assurance that your team is always using the most updated assessments and no monitoring is slipping through the cracks.
  • Reduced redundancy in compliance representations and warranties through appended reports to the contract.
  • Increased comfort that you have audit trails in case of compliance-related litigation or regulatory review with InFront’s reporting and audit trail tools.


  • Confidence that team is always using the most up-to-date assessments and monitoring is not slipping through the cracks.
  • Internal team can use assessments to audit vendors for security and other compliance independently, and compare results to identify best practices with security requirements.
  • Reports help provide a defensible position in the case of a suit or claim regarding a client’s data security practices and third-party risk management program.


  • Quickly review compliance elements of the proposed vendor contracts to determine how third-party technology needs to be integrated.
  • Reduce time needed for IT staff to evaluate levels of data sharing.
  • Greater cross-function collaboration with InFront’s enhanced delegation tools reduces the burden on IT team to respond to all assessment questions.
  • Review and respond to assessment questions faster to allow the IT team to focus on building and maintaining technology.

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