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How InFront Serves Credit Unions

Credit unions have long been hailed for their customer-centric and accessible approach, making them the financial services institutions of choice for some 100 million Americans. Yet, faced with a dizzying array of new regulations and intensifying competition, the smaller players in particular are struggling to keep up. Where compliance officers exist, they are often forced to wear many different “hats” and oversee multiple departments.

Regardless of the specific regulation or policy, InFront Compliance is positioned to help your compliance team manage all aspects of your vendor and operational risk. That means you can spend more time doing what you do best: serving your community.

We reduce your risk by:

  • eliminating your compliance blind spots by ensuring you send the appropriate assessments to each vendor
  • ensuring that assessments are automatically updated as regulations evolve
  • enabling you to quickly identify compliance gaps for each vendor
  • creating an auditable record of all vendor responses
  • incorporating monitoring tools for risk remediation and ongoing compliance

We simplify the compliance process by:

  • creating, maintaining, and updating vendor assessments for each regulatory issue
  • providing a straightforward interface that all departments will feel comfortable using
  • including side-by-side vendor comparison functionality to quickly evaluate compliance status
  • offering collaboration tools for more efficient communication with your vendor
  • delivering consolidated vendor response reporting for faster decision-making

We help you grow by:

  • accelerating vendor deals without compromising on compliance
  • shielding your bottom line from unnecessary vendor risk
  • streamlining operations and enhancing productivity
  • enhancing interdepartmental collaboration and transparency

Current Assessment Library

Common Assessments

  • General Vendor Due Diligence
  • General IT Due Diligence
  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • CMMC
  • NIST 800-171

Credit Union Bundle

  • NYS DFS Cyber Regs
  • Nonpublic Information Use Under GLBA
  • Third Party Mortgage Origination Regulations, including
    the TILA, Reg. Z, RESPA, and Reg. X, the HDMA and Reg. D,
    and reporting rules under ECOA and Reg. B
  • Mortgage Servicer Rules in RESPA, Reg X, TILA, and Reg. Z
  • Remittance Transfers in EFTA and Reg. E
  • TILA and Reg. M in Consumer Leases
  • Savings Accounts in TISA and Reg. DD
  • Debt Collection in FDCPA
  • Consumer Credit Reports in Transactions under FCRA
  • FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule and the FCC’s TCPA
  • Open-End, Non-Home Secured Credit under TILA and Reg. Z
  • Regulation of Third-Party Card Issuers by TILA and Reg. Z
  • Military Lending under MLA and DOD Rules
  • ECOA and Reg. B

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