About Our Team

Your Business Has Evolved.
We Can Help Your Compliance Evolve Too.

We believe we can solve some of the most difficult and important problems when we intelligently combine expertise, technology and collaboration.  We also believe that compliance is critical for organizations - the ethical compass that earns respect and trust.

Historically, compliance has been a back office issue, handled by a compliance or legal team, fairly well contained from the day-to-day operations of the business.

Not anymore.  Compliance has become increasingly complex, ever-changing, and no longer limited to just the compliance and legal teams.  We are now in what we like to call a compliance ecosystem.  This ecosystem contains a variety of stakeholders, both within and outside of organizations.  These stakeholders can range from procurement and IT teams, CEO's to boards of directors, to third party regulatory authorities and enforcement agencies.  It's a big deal.

Compliance has also become expensive.  In some instances, prohibitively expensive.  Some industries, like financial services, spend $100 billion on compliance annually.  That's billion with a b.  That doesn't include fines, share price impact, and loss of customer confidence when there is a compliance breakdown.  Again, it's a big deal.

When you look into how many companies manage compliance, you might be surprised to know that in the majority of cases, it's spreadsheets.  Often old, stale and inconsistent spreadsheets.  Not kidding.  And in today's compliance environment, not ok.  Organizations no longer need to bear the unnecessary risk of managing compliance through spreadsheets.  In fact, we think it's time to leave those spreadsheets behind

Technology + Expertise = Risk. Managed.

InFront Compliance was co-founded and architected by Melissa Koch and Alia Luria - two technology lawyers with over thirty years combined experience committed to helping companies manage compliance more effectively than ever before.  Our legal careers gave us a front row seat to how compliance has changed.  Having the technology background is what makes us different.  Understanding the needs of organizations when it comes to compliance is only one part of the equation.  Being able to design a usable, digestible, technology-enabled platform to meet those needs is another.  That's what we've done.  And we've done it because we are passionate about technology, passionate about compliance, and driven to make it easier for companies to do the right thing.  We are supported by an exceptional team that feels the exact same way.

Welcome to InFront Compliance. Risk. Managed.