About InFront

Founded in 2018, InFront Compliance is an Orlando-based regulatory and compliance technology (RegTech) firm that makes it easier for companies to do the right thing amid a fast-evolving and increasingly complex regulatory landscape. Combining legal expertise with sophisticated technology, InFront Compliance helps shoulder the burden of vendor, operational, and compliance risk to help clients achieve cost savings and drive innovation.

From Our Co-Founders

As seasoned technology lawyers, we had a front-row seat to the compliance challenges that countless organizations face — and the pace of change shows no signs of slowing. Coupled with the increasing cost of compliance, many organizations have struggled to keep up costing them time, money and opportunities.

We built InFront to redefine the compliance process. Our intuitive platform combines deep legal expertise with best-in-class technology to evolve past outdated and error-prone spreadsheets in favor of a scalable and user-friendly solution that all stakeholders can embrace.

Contact us today for a demo, and learn more about how we can ease your internal and third party risk burdens. We look forward to helping you to save time and money, reduce risk and make better decisions.

– Melissa and Alia

Our Management Team


Melissa Koch

Co-Founder | CEO, JD, MBA

20+ years’ experience in business, technology and data law. Former General Counsel, Head of Compliance and Executive Team Member for a global, publicly traded company. Successful entrepreneur. Studied leadership at INSEAD. Trained in design thinking.


Alia Luria

Co-Founder | CTO, JD, LLM, MFA

10+ years’ experience in business, technology and data law. Seven years’ development experience in telecommunications and B2B industries. Co-architected a legal expert system recognized for Innovation in Collaboration by the Financial Times. Published author.


Our Mission

Make it easier for companies to do the right thing amid a fast-evolving and increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Our Approach


Our leadership comprises corporate tech lawyers with decades of collective experience. We’re well positioned, and eager, to help you navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape with ease.


We’ve seen a thing or two, and we know the headaches that compliance requirements can induce. We serve as a trusted partner to our clients, collaborating with them to create a solution that’s tailored to their specific needs—and offering crucial guidance along the way.


Our Values


Our user-friendly approach allows for open and transparent collaboration between our customers and their vendors.


The demand of today’s complex compliance environment requires a transformative approach to managing vendor risk.


We apply our expertise to simplify the compliance process.