Introducing Collaborative Vendor Risk Management

Not a better spreadsheet. A new way of doing compliance.

The Platform

Take a fresh approach to compliance with collaboration and real-time information.

Expertise Built-In

  • Compliance requirements translated into plain language Q&A that companies can use to manage their internal and third party compliance.
  • Our team of specialists assesses requirements so you don't have to.

Regulations Continuously Updated

  • Regulations are continuously and automatically updated.
  • When requirements change you know and so do your vendors.

Easy to Read Reporting & Best in Class Delegation and Collaboration Tools:

  • Digital reporting that helps companies quickly see compliance gaps along with recommendations to self correct.
  • Ensure the right stakeholders are providing the right information to enable unprecedented compliance sight lines and transparency.
Move beyond checklists and spreadsheets

Take the Complexity Out of Compliance

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