We are building a next generation collaborative compliance saas platform helping enterprises and their vendors keep up with the pace of innovation.

Innovation is a key ingredient to business success.
But today’s compliance environment is getting in the way.

200+ regulatory updates per day
requiring analysis and resourcing

Significant increase 
in procurement and IT resource time spent managing compliance.

60 out of 120 day
contract cycle time 

spent on qualifying and validating  vendors.

Our IRM platform goes beyond traditional, compliance-driven GRCtechnology to provide actionable insights that are aligned with business strategies--not just regulatory mandates.

Companies can

  • Get clear on what requirements apply to them
  • Identify and close risk gaps
  • Manage their vendors

Vendors can

  • Efficiently address customer requirements
  • Right-size their compliance efforts
  • Reduce the need to respond to redundant requests

The results: Faster Innovation. Cost & time savings. Substantial reduction in risk.


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